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Except for private authorised downloads for personal listening, title to goods or services does not pass until paid for in full.

Born in Cork City, Ireland in 1953, schooled in Wales, and worked around Europe.

I have a BSc. degree in 'computer science', an MSc. in 'music and technology', and a passion for creating music that is different.

With one album recorded (2010, Tautological Love) and another one finalised (2014, Buiochas le Dia), I am preparing to provide for specialist recording projects from 2015.



The pictures above shows some of my work area. I use Cubase 4/5/6, ProTools and WaveLab, and numerous other music software packages.

Parties interested in licensing the music pieces on this website, or to effect commision of a more specific piece are requested to contact, initially by email.

I hope that you enjoy the music, for which contacted and evaluating parties may consider themselves licensed to download and listen to. WAV files may be available by commercial request.

Session recordings for guitar, and other instrumentations via midi may be agreeable, and effected at least across the internet. Turnaround times can be quick. Any order may be given high priority for refinement to your requirements and completion.

Existing sound tracks shown on the Music page may be transactable individually and or modifiable to client requirements by agreement, especially for advertising and film projects. Sound tracks may be negotiated to order. At the time of writing (February 2014) the Tautological Love album is free for personal listening/evaluation (you can download the whole zip to your iPhone or Android or computer), and until sometime in 2015 the Buiochas le Dia album is free for personal listening/evaluation, it is planned that the 2nd album will be on iTunes sometime in 2015. The plan at present is that the 1st one will always be free. See the Music page.

Direct audio visual communications may be effected via Skype, which can be arranged initially via email.

The photo below is in the Cork School of Music, on the MSc conferral day.